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Poster: cream-puff-war Date: Jul 7, 2009 9:48pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Pink Floyd vs. The Grateful Dead

good point.

But one day back in '83 I tried showing up and hanging out at a hippie semi-political hangout wearing a Baba button, a smile and keepig my mouth closed, as though I had taken a temporary vow of silence...

and those boys (one still a close friend) didn't like my act at all...
and almost threw me bopdily out unless I dropped the act (they knew what I was trying to do) and start talking like a normal human being.

Look, only Meher Baba is/was Meher baba...
but we're all in the body of Christ, Amen.

Praise Allah.

(well, scratch that last comment!)

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Poster: spacedface Date: Jul 8, 2009 4:28am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Pink Floyd vs. The Grateful Dead

The messenger isn't always there to take abuse for scapegoaters, and the actual messengers aren't hucksters.

As for the other comment on praise, Allah is the Arabic word for God. In Hebrew the cognate is Elah; in Aramaic Alaha. In older German God is from ghut, "that which is invoked" -- similar to the Semitic, and apparently to the Aryan/Iranian Khuda.

Even Jews and Christians who speak Arabic use Allah, so the word itself should not cause problems for people unless they just have to take a tribal stand against Arabs and Semitic languages.

I haven't found a great extended treatment on the topic, but the best short ditty I've found (Wikipedia has several good pages too) is "One God, Many Names." The source may cause undue anxiety for some though:

Well, let's get on with the show.

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